An interview with JM Managing Partner, Matt McCauley

An Interview with JM Technical Director, Uzi Bar-On

Uzi mapping out a system on a whiteboard with pens and stickynotes. Visible words include “Public vs Private Workspace” and “Permissions Heirarchy”.

Compost can recycle our food waste, restore our soil and cut our carbon emissions. Hard-working founder, ecopreneur and Josephmark venture partner Ash Baxter is making this vital activity easy, fast and fun — one Monty monitor at a time.

Ash Baxter, sitting cross-legged on the ground in a stylish room — plush green carpet, exposed wood and interestingly shaped lamps. She’s smiling warmly at the camera, wearing a button-up shirt, trousers and loafers.

Josephmark does South by Southwest virtually

The virtual main street of SXSW — flashing lights, flying cars and floating objects everywhere.
SXSW Online March 16–20 2021

Josephmark does South by Southwest virtually

Part 1: Domestic negligence, cognitive load and letting go

Photo by Alana Potts

JM Trend Spotting: volume I

Here at Josephmark, our field of vision is broad – ideas and solutions aren’t formed in a vacuum, and knowledge doesn’t reside in siloed domains or disciplines.


We create work we love. We believe in what we do. We are Josephmark.

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