JM’s AI Toolkit Part 2: Essentials for Digital Product Designers

4 min readJun 21, 2023


Continuing our AI Toolkit series, Product Designers have an ever-growing list of AI tools at their disposal to enhance or speed up their workflow and luckily for you (see also: us) there’s plenty of Figma plugins included in this list. We’ve done the digging and come up with the hot tips for you, let’s get into it.

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Kraftful — ChatGPT but for Product Research

Starting off strong and saving the lives, time and sanity of many-a-Product Designer, Product Strategist and Support Team member is Kraftful, a ChatGPT like product to help understand user behaviour. To quickly understand how people are using your product, Kraftul will analyse your support tickets, feedback, App store reviews or transcripts. By using the power of AI to recognise patterns, features requests or problems you’ll save a tremendous amount of time in what would other wise be taxing, manual work.

VisualEyes — User insight inside of Figma

Visual Eyes are doing gods work and bonus; they have a Figma Plugin (be still our beating hearts) Boasting an impressive 93% accuracy rate for predictive technology which simulates eye tracking and preference tests is going to save an insane amount of time and money. Trying to understand if your hero section should have an F or Z layout? Want to know if the Signup button is better in the top right or centre of the page? Visual Eyes can provide extremely valuable insight quickly and — we can’t say this enough — it’s all inside of your fave design tools!

FigGPT — AI generated copy, realistic and configurable

The name FigGPT explains it but incase you missed it, this is a Figma plugin connected to ChatGPT that allows you to convert a paragraph into a tagline, summarise a description into a character controlled title, change the tone of voice, produce endless variations all at once by simply selecting your text layer. This is a game changer for those who want to move at speed.

Galileo AI — Text prompts into editable Figma designs

RemoveBG — The title really does say it all

It’s been around for a couple of years now, but the advances in AI has really pushed this product forward. RemoveBG does exactly what it says — it removes the background of images. With plugins for your fave design tools under their belt, this is an incredibly simple and effective time saver that allows you to stay in a blissful state of creation without having to whip out the Magic Wand.

Automator — Automagical automation

Sketch fans will recall Runner, an incredible automation-like plugin that Figma has been missing. Well, rejoice Figma users, Automator is here to fill that workflow gap! If you’re a speed freak looking to max out your automation, obsessed with keyboard shortcuts and optimisation hacks then this is the plugin for you. Boasting over 100 actions that can be automated, strap in for speed.

Notable mentions


Low code, AI-generated website in seconds. Generating a website this quickly and easily still seems otherworldly but Debuild aims to do so exactly that. It may not be the right fit for everyone, but if you’re looking to launch a product quickly then this could be your solution.


Ando is an incredibly simple and powerful way to quickly generate unique image assets inside of Figma by using texts, shapes, images and the power of AI.


Every designer has been there, fighting to find complementary typefaces. Shortcut all of that with Fontjoy’s deep learning algorithm.

Avatars Generator

Figma plugin for AI generated avatars. Incredibly realistic and free from copyright concerns. Thanks, Avatars Generator


Magestic use text prompts to speak graphics and icons into existence. Rendering lovely 3D illustrations quickly feels well within reach with this awesome Figma plugin.

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