Why I swapped startups for a venture studio

The iconic scene from Network.
  • Full allegiance to growth at all costs.
  • A fetishization of the hockey-stick over a more measured, long-term vision.
  • An unhealthy approach to market competition that nets out as a race to the bottom — not just for the morale of the staff, but the experience for the end user.
  • The pressure-test atmosphere often sparks incredible innovation. When we are forced to operate within intense restrictions, some of the most insightful ideas come into play.
  • I’ve worked with the smartest, most driven, most interesting people in my career at the three startups I’ve called home.
  • The togetherness. While the circumstances for driving people to form tighter working bonds is problematic (long hours, grueling expectations), the collective feeling of “we’re all in this together” helps foster a purpose underlying the work.
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Design is our language. Venture is our mindset. We are Josephmark.

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Design is our language. Venture is our mindset. We are Josephmark.

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