Motherhood at JM: The personal, the professional, and the overlap between the two

Part 1: Domestic negligence, cognitive load and letting go

It’s not just about dividing those clearer physical activities in the home (taking your even share of pickups and dropoffs, whatever it is), but it’s the additional cognitive load you’re taking on by thinking about the myriad of other things that actually go into taking care of a little human being.

Part 2: Capacity, value and the logistics of workplace parenthood

This is definitely not a criticism of stay-at-home parents or the choice to focus on motherhood at certain times of your life rather than your career, but the fact is that there’s less talent showing up in this demographic.

I need to understand that I’m pretty experienced at what I do, and at times I can actually offer the most value in an advisory capacity which means that I’m able to give interesting and useful high-level critique, feedback and input.

I don’t think that this reduction in capacity is a reduction in capability.

Part 3: Vulnerability and equal parenting

If you were a man and the CEO of JM and had just had a baby, you might be out for three weeks — but you’d continue in that CEO role.

Now we’re both working part-time — my husband works three days and I work four. But the economics of that becomes the other conundrum in your life, and you forego some things because you’ve made the decision to work and be at home with your kids.

At a surface level, vulnerability is seen as weak, even though it’s actually an extremely courageous thing to possess and exhibit.

For some reason I think that because I’m the mum, I should have all of the answers, which is ridiculous.



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