An interview with JM Managing Partner, Matt McCauley

An Interview with JM Technical Director, Uzi Bar-On

Uzi mapping out a system on a whiteboard with pens and stickynotes. Visible words include “Public vs Private Workspace” and “Permissions Heirarchy”.

Compost can recycle our food waste, restore our soil and cut our carbon emissions. Hard-working founder, ecopreneur and Josephmark venture partner Ash Baxter is making this vital activity easy, fast and fun — one Monty monitor at a time.

Ash Baxter, sitting cross-legged on the ground in a stylish room — plush green carpet, exposed wood and interestingly shaped lamps. She’s smiling warmly at the camera, wearing a button-up shirt, trousers and loafers.

Josephmark does South by Southwest virtually

The virtual main street of SXSW — flashing lights, flying cars and floating objects everywhere.
SXSW Online March 16–20 2021

Josephmark does South by Southwest virtually

“Ah, so you make…

Photo by Alana Potts


We create work we love. We believe in what we do. We are Josephmark.

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