By Jessie Hughes

Digi-Couture: The Death of Fast Fashion
Augmented Activism: The Filtered Faces of Digital Demonstrators
Clean CryptoArt: The Pipe Dream

Amid the climate crisis and global pandemic, unethical tech is on the rise — but on the bright side, more and more adaptive creatives are becoming environmentally conscious digi-sapiens. From writing off fast-fashion in favour of digi-couture, to augmented activism driving digital demonstrations, and actualising the pipedream of clean crypto: designers are pushing for a future of creativity and innovation.

Right now, there are three tech trends we’re following closely — each with its own bevy of…

Josephmark does South by Southwest virtually

By Jessie Hughes, 22 March 2021

The virtual main street of SXSW — flashing lights, flying cars and floating objects everywhere.
The virtual main street of SXSW — flashing lights, flying cars and floating objects everywhere.
SXSW Online March 16–20 2021

Is it possible to experience SXSW burnout virtually? I assumed that the standard festival exhaustion was due to trekking Austin, hungover, with a crumbled timetable… but it seems that brain fatigue stems from mind-expansion: ethical paradoxes, technological lunges, and questioning the fundamental structures that power society.

Sounds like a standard South-by, right?

We came, we saw, and we conquered. We crossed off a bingo board of tech buzzwords and ever-evolving alphabetical acronyms from AI to XR. COVID-19 had its warranted time in the spotlight, and we leaned into the new possibilities of online conferencing…

Josephmark does South by Southwest virtually

By Jessie Hughes, 17 March 2021

What does a world look like when we unlock the full potential of what will soon be nine billion humans? — Karin Giefer, Amazon

At this time of year, I’m usually stumbling across the sardined, bustling streets of ever-alive Austin, Texas. Instead, 2021’s SXSW found me battling with my phone’s Airplay function, cozied up on the couch, bubbling with anticipation for this year’s dose of globally-sourced industry inspiration.

I’m a Creative Technologist for digital venture studio Josephmark, and South-by has for many years been our mecca for all things tech, innovation and design. With…

Equal parenting is a consistent topic in many workplaces, but it can often feel like it’s not going anywhere. Our Director Jess and Product Director Colleen are two women who have achieved incredible things in their careers alongside motherhood. They sat down with our Content & Marketing Writer Grace for a chat about their experience navigating parenthood as professionals.

For those who’d prefer to listen to this article, we’ve included an audio recap.

Part 1: Domestic negligence, cognitive load and letting go

Jess: I finally shared that Jessica Valenti article with our #parenthood channel on Slack.

I was a bit nervous to link this to the rest of the…

Changing design disciplines isn’t unheard of, but it comes with its own unique set of challenges and techniques to navigate. Here, JM’s Product & Industrial Designer Hamish Snow delves into how his formative years in industrial design equipped him to make the leap to digital product.

“Ah, so you make sheds?”

When I tell people that I studied industrial design at university, this is the typical response. While not entirely inaccurate, it isn’t hard to see why this particular discipline of design can cause confusion.

So what is the purpose of an industrial designer (if not to craft sheds)? One…

Photo by Alana Potts

Over the years we’ve had many interns come and go but only a very select few have knocked our socks off and become permanent members of the team. Here, Josephmark’s Marketing & Content Assistant Jordan Kadell opens up about how she went from intern to a fully fledged member of the JM family.

“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” – Anaïs Nin

In April 2016, Josephmark offered a content internship. This wasn’t something I’d have considered myself qualified to apply for, but things…

JM Trend Spotting: volume I

Here at Josephmark, our field of vision is broad – ideas and solutions aren’t formed in a vacuum, and knowledge doesn’t reside in siloed domains or disciplines.

We know insights, acuteness, intuition or even epiphanies don’t come out of thin air. They are the result of being tuned in – of being open to seeing the big picture, the patterns, and the parallels.

Sometimes these patterns call out a groundswell and tell us that an idea is good to go. Other times they point to what’s new and bold – to emerging ideas, which lead us to our own new and different thinking.

Rather than keeping our conversations to studio walls and Slack channels, we decided to bring them out into the open, sharing a range of…

Josephmark’s Operations Director Megan Griffiths knows women in tech have a lot more leaning in to do, but as head of studio and people at JM she also knows how vital it is for companies to lean in too. Here, she reflects on what as a studio we’re doing about inequality in the workplace, and how far we’ve got to go.

In this age of pussy-grabbing ridiculousness, sadly you don’t have to look far to see our lady friends still getting the short straw of life. In our industry, we are constantly seeing evidence of the patriarchy…

Josephmark’s Growth Strategy Director Charlotte Crivelli and Product Strategist Jared Fossey join forces to delve into how they future-proof ideas and why it’s essential to do so.

Many of us have had an aha moment for an innovative business idea. That day-dreamed glimmer of the next Uber, Airbnb, insert other billion dollar idea that no one in Silicon Valley has thought of yet here.

We might entertain the idea in our minds for months at a time, and fantasise about becoming our own boss, telling our existing boss where to shove it, and glorifying every little detail in our minds…

Photo by Brendon Thorne / Getty Images

Josephmark Product Designer Jai Mitchell was invited to attend a panel that posed the question, can technology make us more human? Here, he reveals how he went about dissecting that question and why.

Last month I was honoured to be invited to Sydney to speak on an AGDA panel for Vivid Ideas Festival. They had assembled some incredibly intelligent individuals for the panel, and a really interesting topic for discussion: Can technology make us more human?

While this topic and this kind of discussion is certainly something I’m deeply interested in and passionate about, it wasn’t something I felt I had any truly solidified ideas or opinions around.

So, I started writing.

A few thousand words later, I felt slightly better prepared to discuss the topic with such a stellar panel, and had…


We create work we love. We believe in what we do. We are Josephmark.

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